Depth Therapy for the San Francisco Bay Area, Psychological fiction and Drug Treatment non-fiction for a Worldwide Readership

Individual Therapy, Couples or Family Therapy can meet your needs 

Where are you in your life? Take time for yourself: develop goals; create structure for growth. Understand your  vulnerabilities, your strengths, your mind.

As a graduate of the post-doctoral program of the West Coast Masterson Institute, my model is psychoanalytic psychotherapy, with special attention to underlying narcissism. My aim is to help others achieve intimacy, commitment, self-soothing, spontaneity, empathy, even creativity, through individual or couples therapy, or in the context of alcoholism, drug or sex addiction..

Issues Addressed in Therapy May Include         
Substance Abuse/Addiction   Anxiety and Depression
Sex Addiction/Compulsivity   Infidelity
Self Esteem Issues   Life Transition issues
Codependency   Gambling Problems
Obstacles to Intimacy   Physical and Emotional Abuse
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Clarion Reviews has given a four out of five stars review to The Situation
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A book about drugs,adolescents,and drug treatment
Graeme Daniels, MFT, Therapist and Author
Heal from addictions and
discover the real self

"We can only improve ourselves from within. Graeme opened a window so that I could consider different perspectives. He helps you in a way that leads you to help yourself."
- Matt, Dublin, CA.

“It’s not that I’m smarter than anyone else. It’s that I stay with the problem longer”   - Albert Einstein