Depth Therapy for the San Francisco Bay Area, Psychological fiction and Drug Treatment non-fiction for a Worldwide Readership

Individual Therapy, Couples or Family Therapy can meet your needs 

Where are you in your life? Take time for yourself: develop goals; create structure for growth. Understand your  vulnerabilities, your strengths, your mind.

As a graduate of the post-doctoral program of the West Coast Masterson Institute, my model is psychoanalytic psychotherapy, with special attention to schizoid personality traits, narcissism treatment. My aim is to help others achieve intimacy, commitment, self-soothing, spontaneity, empathy, even creativity, through individual or couples therapy, or in the context of alcoholism, drug or sex addiction..

Issues Addressed in Therapy May Include         
Substance Abuse/Addiction   Anxiety and Depression
Sex Addiction/Compulsivity   Infidelity
Self Esteem Issues   Life Transition issues
Codependency   Gambling Problems
Obstacles to Intimacy   Physical and Emotional Abuse
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The Journal of Culture and Psychology
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Graeme Daniels, MFT, Therapist and Author
Heal from addictions and
discover the real self

"We can only improve ourselves from within. Graeme opened a window so that I could consider different perspectives. He helps you in a way that leads you to help yourself."
- Matt, Dublin, CA.

“It’s not that I’m smarter than anyone else. It’s that I stay with the problem longer”   - Albert Einstein